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To Gem Or Not To Gem

When it comes to running a Rails project for the long-term, one strong indicator for success is gem decision. I’ve worked on dozens and dozens of Rails applications during my time as a consultant and often times a client’s project would be either be suffering from poor performance or is too difficult to maintain and progress has slowed down to crawl.

Build a Shopify App with Rails and Hotwire

I’m very grateful for Shopify and all that it has given to the Rails community over the years. Shopify is a Rails application after all. When I ran a consulting firm, clients would sometimes raise the question about Rails’ performance history. My go-to response was “Shopify runs on Rails” so what performance issues?

Taking Care of Your Vision

Over the past several months, I’ve had a epic battle with losing my vision. Earlier this year in the spring, I noticed I was having small amounts of eye strain after long periods of computer work. Then I would take it easy and limit screen time and eventually the eye strain would go away and I would return back to normal. However, over time, the eye strain would continue and eventually it would get so bad, I couldn’t even look at a television without feeling like my eyes were going to pop out of my head.

Littlelines Acquired!

It’s my great pleasure to announce that Littlelines has been acquired! It’s a great pleasure because the future is even more bright for Littlelines. When I started Littlelines fourteen years ago, I set out to create a consulting firm that truly focused on client’s success in a safe space where the team could grow professionally and enjoy the work at the same time. I truly believed and still believe that success doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our home life, quality of work, or sanity - just the opposite it fact.

Kill N+1 Queries For Good with Strict Loading

Starting with Rails 6.1, we can set a strict_loading configuration option that, when true, will throw an error if your code attempts to lazy load any associations with out strictly including the association in the ActiveRecord query. A brief history on N+1 queries and Ruby on Rails Rails has a long history of scaling problems and a big cause of this is slow database performance of N+1 queries. Rails makes it super easy to get data from a database and magically have all of it at your finger tips.

Two Simple Books to Wealth

I should start off and say that I’m not a financial expert, but I do dedicate a good amount of time learning finance, managing cash, and investment planning - both in business and my personal life. In business school, one lesson that has always stuck with me is “Keep your eye on cash”. A simple but powerful statement that has served me well both in business and at home. I consider finance just another tool to generate additional revenue for me and my companies.