Hello, old friend

It’s nice to see you again. One of the toughest part of writing for me is taking the time to actually write. An unfortunate side effect of running a company (for me anyway) is the sheer amount focus it demands in order to maintain the level of successful and serve my clients the best way I can.

It’s become an annual tradition around the holiday break, coincidentally enough, when I have more time available, I always return to my personal blog with the usual promise to myself that I’m going to really write more in the new year. and want to not only write, but redesign this website with the latest trends and whatever.

But this time it’s different! Sorta. I do plan on having some more time this coming year and as I write this now, I feel the pleasure of writing and expressing my thoughts and I’m renewed with that energy once again. It could be that I’ve been in mostly in isolation in 2020 and not able to talk to co-workers and friends as once freely before, but I will take what I can get.

Speaking of renewal and fresh starts. I’ve moved this site over to Jekyll with Github providing the hosting. Why have I not used Jekyll before? I’m not sure, so far it’s been a great little tool to suits my needs perfectly with free hosting from Github to boot. I’m also using Github actions to automatically build the website and publish to Github Pages automatically. So now, I just have to push my updates to the master branch and the website is updated within minutes. So there’s really no excuse to write.

In addition, I’m also using Tailwindcss to make this website look clean and pretty on any device. My overall impression of Tailwind is that it’s really really good. It’s allowed me to construct this website writing very little css which means I’m spending way less time on it. It’s really brought the fun back in punching out websites quickly.

Okay okay, enough with the technical talk which reminds me of my other goal - writing about topics that don’t have to do with business or technology. What that will be? Not sure. Maybe some traveling I’m doing, music that I’m listening to, or some cool photos I took. Like this one:

With that in mind, I’ve renamed the blog section from Articles to Journal as way to always reminding me that every “article” doesn’t need to win the Pulitzer.