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Matt Sears | Jun 30, 2021

It’s my great pleasure to announce that Littlelines has been acquired! It’s a great pleasure because the future is even more bright for Littlelines.

When I started Littlelines fourteen years ago, I set out to create a consulting firm that truly focused on client’s success in a safe space where the team could grow professionally and enjoy the work at the same time. I truly believed and still believe that success doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our home life, quality of work, or sanity - just the opposite it fact. At it’s heart, Littlelines is a place to collaborate on products in a fun and nurturing environment.

Original logo sketches circa 2007

We didn’t always get it right and there were certainly ups and downs, but it was okay to make mistakes as long as we learned from them. As a result, the business grew way beyond what I could have ever imagined. The company profits grew ever year, team members moved on to become CTO’s, senior product designers, and community leaders paving the way for new tools and technologies for the next generation of software development.

Speaking at Hybridconf in Wales 2013

I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished over the years and I cherish the relationships I’ve formed with clients and teamates from all over the world. I’ve worked with the some of the best people anyone could ask for.

What’s the future hold for Littlelines?

In a nutshell, Littlelines is in the best position to continue the great service it has come to be known for. I have worked with the new owners for the past few months as a full-time employee and I’m more hopeful about the company’s future than ever. One remarkable thing about this change is just how little is actually changing - same great mission, same great service. The goal will be the same as it’s always been: to foster team development and provide exceptional service for it’s clients.

Littlelines Ohio headquarters 2016

As for me, I’ve learned an incredible amount over the past fourteen years in business, engineering and leadership. After building hundreds of software products for small businesses, large enterprises, and non-profits, I’ve had fortunate opportunity to observe what it takes to build successful products and grow them into a viable businesses.

I’m a creator at heart. It’s been a life-long journey to create things and put them out in the world for people to enjoy and hopefully help. So that’s the next step for me - open source, writer, builder. I have a few ideas I’ve been sitting on for a while now and I am very fortunate that I get to focus on them 100%. It’s too early to tell precisely how this things will unfold, but I’m excited for this next chapter. I’ll be sharing my experiences along the way so stay tuned!