20 Clojure Links To Get You Up To Speed

Writing multi-threaded code is hard. If you’ve ever done concurrent programming, you’ll probably agree. Clojure offers a compelling alternative to traditional object-oriented approaches to programming and has garnered much attention from the Ruby community because of it’s elegant design that lets you get right to the essence of a problem.

What is Clojure?

Simply put, Clojure is a functional programming language for the Java Virtual Machine with several powerful features for building concurrent applications. In addition, Clojure is fast, robust, and a powerful general-purpose programming language. A dialect of Lisp, Clojure embraces traditional code-as-data philosophy and a powerful macro system, plus some syntactic sugar tailored to Java.

Now that version 1.0 is out and Stuart Halloway’s new book Programming Clojure just dropped, I’ve rounded up some of the best articles and tutorials on Clojure to you get you up to speed quickly.

Screencasts, Videos, and Presentations

Tools and Setup