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Two+ Years Working with Rails

Update: I thought I should give a little background on how I got started with Rails - when I was attending the SDWest conference in March 2006. I was at the Jolt Awards, and saw @d2h receive the award for the best web development tool for Rails 1.0. I downloaded Rails that night in the hotel room and was hooked.

Quick git add, commit, push, and deploy

Last week, I was preparing a presentation and found myself doing a lot of quick fixes and deployments to prepare a web application for a demonstration. I thought instead of running the following four commands each time:

Relay outbound SMTP email to Gmail

Sending emails with Rails via Gmail is a snap with Marc Chung’s excellent plugin action_mailer_tls. However sometimes our production environment isn’t using Gmail as a mail server and/or we just need an easy way to send email from our development environment for testing or demonstrating purposes.